The Early Years
Divine Shaman was started in 2007 due to the growing need for a reputable UK based ethnobotanical store. Choices at the time were limited, especially in terms of quality kratom strains. After it’s humble beginnings as an ebay store, Divine Shaman the website was launched and since then we have grown a large and loyal customer base who we are truly grateful for.

canadaHello Canada!

While there are some wonderful vendors here already, it seems that Canadians still suffer from a lack of choice. We are all about choice and with so many plants and strains in the world, we hope to have something that will suit everyone. We offer our products in an unusually large selection of weight options so that customers can cater each order to suit them and their budgets.

Freshness Guaranteed

leafWe buy our stock in small regular batches. Products are packaged on demand to ensure a constant fresh supply that’s not sitting on the shelf for weeks if not months. Having tried the pre-packaging method some years ago, we found that some bagged weights would sell out faster than others leaving old stock behind. Bagging on demand means that we can offer a range of weights and that every last gram of product can be used up as it is ordered before opening up the next batch.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

ecoWe hate land fill! That’s why every part of the packaging we use at Divine Shaman is recyclable and most is made from recycled materials already so that we can minimize our use of the world’s precious resources. A couple of people have criticized our ‘unprofessional’ packaging in the past but we stick by our choice to use plain resealable bags. While fancy packaging such as foil and stand up pouches may look good, we found them to be unnecessary and extremely harmful to the environment. We spent weeks researching eco-friendly packaging and we welcome our customers to learn more about our findings here.

Tree Planting Project

treeAs an ethnobotanical retailer we owe a lot to plants! We appreciate that much of what we sell has had to travel many miles to get to us and then must travel further to reach our customers. In an effort to reduce our and our customers’ carbon emissions, we have pledged to have a tree planted for every $10 order of our products. Planting trees in areas affected by mass deforestation doesn’t just lower pollution; trees create a vital habitat for wild animals, they purify water systems and they prevent natural disasters such as flooding from soil erosion. Our Tree Planting Project also helps to create jobs for local people and teaches them responsible forestry techniques so that they can enjoy and make the most of their forests for years to come.