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It’s never been easier to buy kratom with this huge list of all of our strains! If the choice is too much to handle, please choose a section to the left. Or take a look at our custom kilos or custom sample packs. This page is for those who like to be thrown in at the deep end!

One thing we have learned over the years is that kratom can be hard to predict. Everyone is different and no single strain will suit everybody. It would make life easier for us if you all liked the same thing but it would be a lot more boring too! Imagine a world with only one type of coffee or one scent of perfume. They could be awesome but they would soon get old and leave you wanting something new.

Before launching, we had over 50 strains tested by 30 people. After completing a survey on each strain, we analyzed their feedback to see which strains were most popular. With the help of our research team, we made sure only the best strains made it on our menu. With a good balance of budget, premium, super and extract strains, anybody looking to buy kratom will find what they need here!