Kratom CanadaKratom Canada

Looking to buy great kratom in Canada? Look no further than our Kratom Canada menu! With 30+ strains from all around SE Asia, we have a strain to suit anyone!

Why buy from us?


We have 30+ strains ranging from budget, premium, super and even extract strains. Our main aim at Divine Shaman is to offer Canadians CHOICE. Just like there is no one type of perfume or coffee that everyone loves, the same is true for kratom!  

We allow people to easily explore the world of kratom by offering cheap rates. This doesn’t just apply to kilos but on smaller weights too. Don’t know which strain to choose? Why not order a custom sample pack? You can choose 10g of any 4+ strains. We also offer custom kilos so that multiple strains can be selected at a discount rate.

Before launching our Canadian site, we put together the Divine Shaman Research team. A group of 30 people were sent 60 strains to test and compare. Not content with the results from the first round, we held a second round of testing. This enabled us to learn as much as we could about each strain. Thanks to the team’s helpful feedback, some good and some bad, we were able to shortlist the top strains. This has ensured only the very best strains made it on our Kratom Canada menu.

We know that even the best strains won’t agree with everybody. That’s why we offer a 30 day guarantee, even on opened products. If you’re not happy with a strain, we will replace the amount you send back with the same value (minus shipping costs) of another strain of your choice.