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Looking to buy quality kratom in Canada? Look no further! With strains from all around SE Asia ranging from $135 – $350 per kilo, we have a strain to suit everybody!

Why buy from us?

With 30+ kratom strains ranging from budget, premium, super and even extract strains, our main aim at Divine Shaman is to offer Canadians ample choice.Just like there is no one type of perfume or coffee that everyone loves, so rings true with kratom!

We want to allow our customers to easily explore the world of kratom by offering cheap rates on not only kilos but on smaller weight options too. Don’t know which strain to choose? Why not order a custom sample pack? You can choose 10g of any 4+ strains. We also offer custom kilos so that multiple strains can be selected at a discounted rate.

Before launching our Canadian site, we put together the Divine Shaman Research team, a group of 30 individuals with varying experience in kratom to test and compare over 60 strains. Not content with the results from the first round, we held a second round of testing to learn as much as we could about each strain. Thanks to the team’s helpful feedback, some good and some bad, we were able to shortlist the favourites and ensure only the very best strains made it on our menu.

We know that even the best strains won’t agree with everybody. That’s why we offer a 14 day guarantee, even on opened products. If you’re not entirely satisfied with a strain, we will be happy to replace the amount you send back with the same value (minus shipping costs) of another strain of your choice.


Kratom TreeWhat is Kratom?

Our best selling product, Mitragyna Speciosa is a medicinal plant originating from countries in South East Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Traditionally, workers used kratom as an energy booster to help cope with physical and often repetitive work. It’s reported to create a general sense of well-being and to help with conditions such as depression and anxiety. Kratom was also praised for it’s pain-killing abilities.

Kratom Powder

While traditionally used in the form of whole or crushed leaves, kratom powder is now standard. Back in 2007, when Divine Shaman UK was born, superfine powders were all the rage. The finer the grind, the more surface area there is to quickly release it’s alkaloids. People using kratom in bath soaks reported that flour like powders would ‘melt’ better than the coarser grinds with particles too heavy to float. Trends did begin to change though and now opinions on consistency have evened out with around a 50/50 preference to regular powder and superfine or talc-like powders. Not many people favour the courser grinds or crushed leaf varieties but if you do, please let us know and we may be able to source some bulk product for you.